Japanese Name Card Traditional Style

The name card of a traditional handkerchief shop in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is an old town in Japan with traditional Japanese village still found in town centre. 


Cute Japanese Character and Animals

Free postcard taken few years ago in Osaka, Japan. Very colorful pastel combination with cute and lovely artist and animals.


Portuguese Barber Shop / Salon from Lisbon

I love this barber shop so much. Black and white, cool and vintage with classic Portuguese style tiles on the wall.

Bought this when I was in Lisbon, Portugal.


The Silent Blue Lake Postcard

A free blue lake postcard I took. Dunno where it is but it is a very nice place anyway.


Vintage East Europe Postcard

A vintage view of East Europe. Hand drawn. 

Again, forgot where I got this. But seems I got this free from some magazine when I traveled East Europe years ago.


Famous Cantonese Opera Artist - Yam Kim Fai 任劍輝

The Famous Cantonese Opera Artist - Yam Kim Fai 任劍輝 has always performed a male role in the play. And this is one of the lady look in early 1930s. 

A free postcard from Hong Kong History Museum last year.


Chinese Cantonese Opera - 白蛇新傳

This is one of the famous Cantonese Opera in history by Yam Kim Fai 任劍輝 and Bak Sheut Sin 白雪仙. The two most famous Cantonese Opera artists in Hong Kong. 

I bought this in Hong Kong History Museum where they have a Cantonese Opera Exhibition last year.


Taiwan Trip - Taichung QingJing Farm 台中南投縣情境農場

This is a postcard from my Taiwan trip - Taichung QingJing Farm 台中南投縣情境農場 last summer. Taichung NanTou 台中南投縣 is a very nice mountain area in Taiwan. It is famous for its greenery, mountains and clouds. 

Below are some photos we took during our trip. It is a place worth going but it's about half day trip from Taipei to NanTou. 


Flowery Calendar 2010

This is a free 2010 calendar from http://www.superheadz.com%20/
And this is the back side of the calendar. Very nice simple flowery pattern. So I also keep it on my postcard board.


Limited Version Japan Mailbox Postcard

It's from Japan, but I got this in Hong Kong.
It is one of the expensive postcards I have bought. The shopkeeper told me it's a limited version from Tokyo, though I dunno where is that post office the white words in the middle mentioned, I like the cute simple red box design.


Japan Tokyo Hakone - 日本箱根

Japan Hakone 日本箱根 is a famous place for hot spring and it's a lake district. You can go shopping in an outlet nearby or enjoy a hot spring with the view of Mount Fuji.

I went there in July 2010. But the day I went is a cold and rainy day. Cannot see Mt. Fuji but the little Japanese restaurants are great!


Happy Chinese New Year

Today is the first day 年初一 of Chinese society big big festival - Chinese New Year. And this is the Year of Rabbit. So hope everyone good health!


Norman Rockwell - Police and the Boy

This is a big big postcard (around the size of A4) I bought from Smithsonian Museum shop by Norman Rockwell. Very American. Ha


Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA

The painting is by Norman Rockwell, I fall for his work at the 1st sight. I just feel it is vintage but at the same time modern and bright and colorful for his work. This is the brochure cover I cut out when I went to Smithsonian Museum last Summer. A great introduction to American Art.