Train ticket in Seoul

Train ticket in Seoul, Korea. There are two colors, orange and green. You can get one after you get off the train. I always think that it's a good idea to collect different train ticket in different cities or counties. It will be a great collection as it represented for particular culture.


Sketch of the camera

This postcard bought from Seoul, Korea. The sketch is nice so i grabbed it once i saw in a stationary store.
I'm sure people who love photography will interested in it too.


Postcard of China FuJian Tu Lou 福建土樓 1

Postcard of China FuJian Tu Lou 福建土樓 from my friend. It is a special type of architecture in China which is listed as one of the World's Heritage.


A Design Graduation Show Flyer - MAKE A POINT

A blue and white flyer by Hong Kong design students, using points to connect and make some words.


MEEH in Hong Kong

Just took a leaflet of Meeh, a new fashion brand in Hong Kong by a local disc jockey 少爺占 of FM 903. 


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Tea Cafe 茶餐廳

One of the HK Cuisine icon is local tea cafe which we called ''茶餐廳'' where you can enjoy your newspaper with a cup of coffee or milk tea and a bite of toast. This is the classic scenery in our eyes. 

If you haven't been to HK, take a glimpse of what traditional HK tea cafe is like below.



HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Egg Roll 蛋捲

A kind of sweet biscuits with a strong egg flavour. There are two main kinds of egg roll in HK. Those you find in supermarket, they are usually butter egg roll with a strong butter taste. While those you find in some small old shops on the street or in some tourist spots, they are more tasty as they have less butter and most importantly, they are HANDMADE. So the egg flavour is stronger and the feeling is lighter.

You can grab a pack with about 10 rolls in those small shops for about 20hkd while in supermarket, you can grab a tin box of about 50 rolls for 50hkd.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Portugese Egg Tart 葡撻

Portugese Egg Tart 葡撻 is not really a HK traditional snack. It is introduced from Macau around 10 years ago. (Portugal introduced it to Macau in the old days) It is a sweeter version of HK style egg tart and the taste are somehow different. I guess because of the different type of sugar.

You can find this in the ''Macau Tea cafe'' 澳門茶餐廳 for about $7HKD.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Pearl Milk Tea 珍珠奶茶

As I have said, Hong Kong is always know as the shopping and food paradise, famous food in other countries will also be available here.

This is pearl milk tea, a bit different from HK style milk tea which is made by Silk Stockings sieve. I think it is not as move as HK style one. But the little black ''pearl'' is really good to try, you can chew and drink at the same time which is a funny eating experience.

You can now find it everywhere on the street for about $8-20HKD. Lately, this kind of Taiwanese beverages shops are all over HK. Well, hopefully when you come visit, they are still along as HK is also famous for following the trend so if the trend of pearl milk tea is out, you couldn't find them easily.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Beef Ball RiceNoodles 牛丸米粉

Beef Ball Rice Noodles 牛丸米粉 is a low-price but tasty local food in Hong Kong. There are few choices of the type of noodles and also the main dishes like fish ball, pork ball, egg noodles, etc.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Old Style Sweet Pudding 砵仔糕

HK Old Style Sweet Pudding 砵仔糕 is a very old traditional snacksin Guang Dong. They have two favours. Brown one is made if brown sugar while white one is made with white sugar. You can also choose with or withou red beans in the middle.

The taste is a very simple sweet sugar taste but it is a bit glutinous but smooth. When I was young, you could find this on the street. It must be served warm and with very low price, just a few bucks. But you could hardly see this kind of hawker in HK now. If you are lucky you may see it in some small shops in old area of HK.

You can always grab one of this in most of HK style ''Tea cafe'' 茶餐廳 for about $12-20HKD


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Style Roasted Meat 燒味

Barbeque (HK people call it 'BBQ') / Roasted pork, ribs, duck are always one of our favourites choices during meals as they can serve together perfectly with rice or noodles or even spagetti in soup.

They all have a common characteristic of crispy skin with a unique sauce. I just know the sauce is made with honey so the Roasted meat skin is a bit sweet while the meat inside is salty and tender. You can feel the mixture of crispy and tender together when you eat them.

There are some restaurants especially selling them or you can also in HK style ''Tea cafe'' 茶餐廳 and some local Cantonese cuisine. The price range is from 30hkd to around a hundred depending on what kind of restaurant you are in.



HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Butter and Milk Toast 奶油朱仔包

We call this Butter and Milk Little Pig Bun. The ''little pig bun'' is a kind of crispy bun, which has a baguette texture but in an oval shape.

So sweet and crispy and hot. This is what we love - 奶油朱仔包. Again you can find in the HK style ''Tea cafe'' 茶餐廳 for about $10-12HKD.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Style Milk Tea 奶茶

Hong Kong is always know as the shopping and food paradise. So we would like to introduce some snacks we always have in our home town.

HK style milk tea is one of the famous food. Many people will call it Silk Stockings Milk Tea because the tea leaves are put inside a Silk Stockings like sieve to sift the milk tea to make it smooth. So HK style milk tea is famous for its smoothness.

You can always grab one of this in most of HK style ''Tea cafe'' 茶餐廳 for about $12-20HKD.


Seoul, N Tower

Photo shot at N Tower in Seoul, Korea.
You can see beautiful scenery of seoul at N Tower, and here is a romantic place to enjoy the view of nature. As you can see there are many locks around the roof, its especially for couples, they can bring along their locks and lock it here, with the meaning of sticking together forever, kind of romantic and interesting. It's really amazing when you can see thousand locks over there.


Hong Kong Market Drawing

An identical local wet market in Hong Kong. I forgot the artist name but his works are definitely gorgeous!

You still see these kinds of old buildings and wet market in Hong Kong nowadays. I think this painting may be depicting North Point in Hong Kong Island. You may like to wander around the North Point Market for some cheap products or fresh food.


Kubrick Friday in Hong Kong

Kubrick Cinema and Shop in Yau Ma Tei in Hong Kong is a shop with books, CDs, DVDs, posters, cafe related to art and movies. 

Simple drawing - sort of messy but artistic


Kangaroo and my Camera

Kangaroo and my camera - postcard from my friend who traveled Australia last year.
A funny picture but I think it must hurt if it is real. Haha


Free Bangkok Cassette Postcard

Free Bangkok Cassette Postcard taken 2 years ago.
This is the Thai modern style in my eyes - colorful with a bit vintage elements.


Taiwan Vintage Postcard - 台灣美人

Taiwan Vintage Postcard - 台灣美人 from Taipei. There's a lot of vintage shop in sightseeing spots in Taiwan now, selling vintage collectables and snacks.


Drama in Hong Kong - 天奴的眼睛

It is a poster of a drama in Hong Kong - 天奴的眼睛

I didn't watch this drama but I love the vintage style poster of it.


Japanese Free Magazine 1

A page of a free magazine I took in Toyko, Japan last summer. The deco and the color combination gives you the best summer smell.


postcard from GOD

Grad this postcard from GOD , a local furniture store in Hong Kong. This type of truck is usually use for moving house, and it had been seen in earlier Hong Kong.


Japanese Name Card Traditional Style

The name card of a traditional handkerchief shop in Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto is an old town in Japan with traditional Japanese village still found in town centre. 


Cute Japanese Character and Animals

Free postcard taken few years ago in Osaka, Japan. Very colorful pastel combination with cute and lovely artist and animals.