New Year Gift for Your Girl - 2011 Handmade Calender and Tote Set for etsy

We have especially made a gift set for people who need to buy something unique for their loved ones. Well here we do it for girls mainly.

We combine our handmade photo calendar set with our 'the das and the dots' tote bag series as a gift set for x'mas or new year. If you are interested, come grab one at our etsy shop

Hope you like it!


Saatchi Gallery Pokka Dots

I always love pokka dots. They are vigorous, cute, girlish and wonderful. I teared this off from the booklet inside Saatchi Gallery in London and put on my postcard wall.


The Brown Rhythm

To me, this is a very western style design and it's like some rhythm. It is done by murakami, the artist who has an art exhibition in HK 2 years ago. 


Audio Again from London

Once again, related to audio postcard. Seem like free postcards are about gigs or music in the U.K. while in HK, most of the free postcards are from western restaurants.

I just love the color and the combination of letter A and D.


Audio Repair from London Part 2

It's another side of the Audio Repair postcard I mentioned earlier. It is also from London with nicely tuned color.


Julbock Postcard from Japan

Another free postcard from Japan, taken in a stylish home and living store.
It is cute and colorful.



Agnes b Promotional Card One

Go into Agnes b shop, you may not be only be fasinated by the beautiful clothings and bags, my 1st ''station'' inside the shop is the cashier where I search for beautiful postcards.

Agnes b promotional cards are always simple photography but they always give a sense of elegance.


Cute Little Dog and Kitten Leaflet

A very very very cute pet photo from Sainsbury Supermarket years ago. I cut it out from a leaflet. It perfectly shoes the honesty of the little dog and the elegance of the kitten.


2011 Handmade Chinese Photo Calendar Set (Photo Decoration for your Desk)

We have finally finished one of our calendar set. Exhausted for cutting them into pieces as we have tried a new printing house and we have misunderstood the cutting rules. So at last instead of machine cutting, we hand cut all the cards. 

We think people will always throw away last year calendar when it expire, so do we. That's why we create this never-expired photo calendar set. Even when you move on to 2012, you will still keep the photo set on your desk. Since when you turn around the calender, there are 12 different vintage style photos as a decoration.


YUE XI -Cantonese Opera

YUE XI - Cantonese Opera is one of our favourite subjects for photography as it is colorful and vintage.


Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour, where you can see many famous landmarks, modern architecture, city's towering commercial and residential skyline from a new angle and enjoy the fascinating night view of the harbour.


Hong Kong Star Ferry

Hong Kong Star Ferry in a cloudy day by Olympus film camera.
Though it's not bright enough, I like the smoky atmosphere that day.


Hong Kong Vintage Ad by G.O.D

From HK stylish furniture shop, G.O.D

It is an old style local ad in neighbourhood, taking and selling 2nd hand home appliances. You may still see this kind of ad in area with a lot of old houses nowadays


Action!!!London Diesel

I work as a videographer so i am just attracted by this postcard at once. haha.

From London Diesel.



About Hong Kong - One


We, das., from Hong Kong, would like to tell you more about the characteristics here. Hope you will love our place too.

The white towel hanging on the gate is the classic white towel with a HK style greetings -''Hope everything is fine'' (祝君安好) You may still find it in some old store or wet market here. It is widely used among workers 30-40 years ago.

The 2nd photo is taken from the ground floor of a HK traditional public housing estate. The square architecture is famous in the old days with neighbours shouting to each other from different floors and flats.

And you figure out the old mailbox of the left side in 3rd photo. It is popular in rural villages. 
Vitasoy advertisement on the sunshade. Vitasoy is one of the popular drinks in HK made with soya beans.


Japan Comme Ca Store Postcard

Taken from a Japanese clothing chain store in Tokyo, Comme Ca Store. Nicely matched color though I think the character are a bit mature.


The Elegant Flower

I ain't sure where I got this. Probably from Bangkok, Thailand or Japan. The elegance in oriental style has attracted my eyes.


The Black Flower from Denmark

Another postcard from Søstrene Grene - a Denmark Chain store

 Simple and cute. I always hate black, but these little black flowers give a comfortable feeling.


Le Petit - TiT in Japan

A name card of a small Japanese store called TIT. I grabbed this when I passed by it during my Kobe, Japan day trip.


White Cat from Kyoto

White cat hanging on a Saruka, from a Japanese friend in Kyoto. I always want to visit the Saruka festival during spring in Japan.


The Purple Flower from Denmark

Bought from a Denmark Chain store - Søstrene Grene

I remember it is a very nice store with everything you need from toiletries to gifts. I love the simplicity of this postcard with a perfect match of sky blue and light purple. 



Barri Gotic - the most famous cathedral in Barcelona. It is a really nice church with dedicated archectural design.


Santa Claus

Christmas greeting card from my friend, the whole design is done by her. I'm really appreciate it, especially the design of santa claus, really lovable.