2011 Calender Handmade Set for etsy

We are busy working on our etsy holiday gift set this week. We are going to create a 2011 calender. Here is some photos for the calender sets. Do you guys have any comments for us?

Cat Food

Simply like the design of the cat food, especially the cat in the middle, it's very lovely.


Clumsy Welch Language Postcard

I visited Wales in 2003, I totally forgot the names of the exact places cuz it is way tooooooo long. But it is interesting. How would people mail postcard if I wanna write to the people there? Their address would have occupied my own card. haha


London Tube Map

This is not a postcard but the size is. I love this colorful tube map though the tube is hot and old inside. It may have added in some new places as this is the one in 2003. 


Audio Retreat from England


Free music gig promotional postcard from London few years ago. You may still check it out at http://www.wahwah45s.com/


Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean, the icon of Britain.

But this is a postcard from Bangkok. Drawn nicely!


Train ticket

This is a tiny postcard we bought from Taiwan train station, the design is simply like the train ticket. It's really a collective item.


Jan Lamb Talk Show Badge

Jan Lamb, a comedian from Hong Kong, had a talk show years ago. This is the show icon, designed by himself.


Galoop Name Card

This is not a postcard, it is a name card of a local fashion brand in Taiwan ---- Galoop. The simple design of the name card perfectly match with Galoop's image.


Enamel Flasks Postcard

Hong Kong retro postcard by G.O.D . They have a big series of retro postcards and also other products. Those Enamel Flasks (we called those vacuum bottle) are products from Mainland China and you can find them every where in Hong Kong in the old days. You may still find them in Mainland China now.

Lucern Postcard

 I bought this when I traveled Lucern, Switzerland. I am not sure why it is a milk bottle, may be Swiss is famous in fresh milk. But I like the irregular shape of this postcard.


Bedrock London

 4th Anniversary party notice from Bedrock Records in London.
It should be out in 2003. 

The color treatment is what I like about this postcard. It is modern but a bit old. It's simple but stylish. It is regular but the letter 'B' stands out.


The Parliament House, London

Again it's London!! London always gives a great sense of art, whether modern or classic, you must find something inspiring and fantastic.

The solemnness of the Parliament House area has changed to a playful, modern space with a cute red London bus.


Handmade Calender Trial

As we are joining a holiday work camp by etsy, we have to think of doing a holiday gift set as a new product. We love photographs so we plan to use our photo works to create a calender set for 2011. Imagine those square cards (in blue and black) are the monthly schedule and back of the cards would be our photographs. So the year after, you don't have to throw away the outdated calender but you can serve it as a decoration.

We have tried out the idea last weekend with bamboo sticks and used magazine. Hope it works and you guys will like it. Check out our etsy store later. It would probably be a calender gift set with our handmade tote. It would be a perfect gift for your girls.

Scottish Dolls

I got this when I was traveling Edinburgh Scotland in 2003. Once again, the color match perfectly in this vintage postcard but have you figured out that it's so ''hi-tech''. It frames in 16:9 ratio. Hahaahaha


London Bus

 One of the symbols of London - the Red Bus. I hope they are still running on the street now in London.


Hong Kong Traditional Snack - Brown Sugar Pudding

Brown Sugar Pudding -- we, Hong Kong people called it in Cantonese ''Buut Jai Go'' (meaning pudding in a small bowl) It has always been an inexpensive dessert for common people. It is made with brown sugar (there's a flavour of white sugar and the pudding goes in white) and some red beans in between.

The local designer has made a series of traditional snack of HK. I bought this few years ago so I have already forgotten who make this and what other design does he have. But I'm sure this is my favourite as I love to eat that and the cute postcard just remind me of the taste.


Grocery store from taiwan

This card pictured the general sundry goods from the ancient time of Taiwan. I like the illustrations and the color, as well as the vintage mood. I love to collect vintage postcard, this is one of my favorites.


Bread Or Shoes?

Today i found this from DADADA.
It looks gorgeous and definitely brilliant idea of making a bread like this.
Really want to have one, aren't you?


Card from Bangkok

 This is actually not a postcard but a normal blank card. I love the colorful balloons. The blue motorcycle is Bangkok's symbol - Tuk Tuk. You may not see a real Tuk Tuk holding so many balloons on crowded street there but you definitely would feel the ''colors and hospitality'' during your stay.


Vintage Ad Postcards Two

Another 2 postcards we bought earlier from Central, Hong Kong by Robert Opie.
The turquoise one is Fry's Cocoa Ad in 1910 and the grey one of shoe polish Ad in 1912. Again they have perfectly matched color combination.


Vintage Ad Postcards

Camp Coffee Ad and Fry's Cocoa Ad in 19th century. Lovely postcards reproduced by Robert Opie Trading and I grabbed them in Central, Hong Kong. They are just too cute...Don't you agree with me?I especially love the black cat waiting with the kids together.

The color of the vintage stuff is always special and sharp.

Polaroid Coasters

Today I find this from Etsy, it looks funny and nice. This fun Polaroid coaster is created by original photography shot with analog cameras. I'm sure Polaroid fans must love it, including me. You can visit justnoey for more detail.


Travel Highlight

Via 36ViewsGuy - Fjaerland, Norway.

Via magnusvk - Machu Picchu, Peru

Via bawkbawk - Hallstatt, Austria

Via kevincole - Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisc