Train ticket in Seoul

Train ticket in Seoul, Korea. There are two colors, orange and green. You can get one after you get off the train. I always think that it's a good idea to collect different train ticket in different cities or counties. It will be a great collection as it represented for particular culture.


Sketch of the camera

This postcard bought from Seoul, Korea. The sketch is nice so i grabbed it once i saw in a stationary store.
I'm sure people who love photography will interested in it too.


Postcard of China FuJian Tu Lou 福建土樓 1

Postcard of China FuJian Tu Lou 福建土樓 from my friend. It is a special type of architecture in China which is listed as one of the World's Heritage.


A Design Graduation Show Flyer - MAKE A POINT

A blue and white flyer by Hong Kong design students, using points to connect and make some words.


MEEH in Hong Kong

Just took a leaflet of Meeh, a new fashion brand in Hong Kong by a local disc jockey 少爺占 of FM 903.