HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: HK Tea Cafe 茶餐廳

One of the HK Cuisine icon is local tea cafe which we called ''茶餐廳'' where you can enjoy your newspaper with a cup of coffee or milk tea and a bite of toast. This is the classic scenery in our eyes. 

If you haven't been to HK, take a glimpse of what traditional HK tea cafe is like below.



HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Egg Roll 蛋捲

A kind of sweet biscuits with a strong egg flavour. There are two main kinds of egg roll in HK. Those you find in supermarket, they are usually butter egg roll with a strong butter taste. While those you find in some small old shops on the street or in some tourist spots, they are more tasty as they have less butter and most importantly, they are HANDMADE. So the egg flavour is stronger and the feeling is lighter.

You can grab a pack with about 10 rolls in those small shops for about 20hkd while in supermarket, you can grab a tin box of about 50 rolls for 50hkd.


HK Snacks Collection 香港美食: Portugese Egg Tart 葡撻

Portugese Egg Tart 葡撻 is not really a HK traditional snack. It is introduced from Macau around 10 years ago. (Portugal introduced it to Macau in the old days) It is a sweeter version of HK style egg tart and the taste are somehow different. I guess because of the different type of sugar.

You can find this in the ''Macau Tea cafe'' 澳門茶餐廳 for about $7HKD.