Hand Drawn Picture from Japan

''Sometimes Hate, sometimes respect. And sometimes Love.''
by an anonymous artist in Japan. I bought this from a street artist about 8 years ago when I traveled in Japan. He is young artist but I think he is poor as I found him outside Japan train station late at night after my shopping. 

I love the simplicity and the message he is trying to convey here. Hate-respect-love --- They are life.


Old Ice Cream Shop Ad

Paper bag with logo and slogan from Lai Kei, a traditional Handmade Ice-cream shop in Macau. You can still go to the shop now and try their ice cream. Though to us, it is not that tasty, the whole atmosphere made you recall your childhood and taste the history


Beer Record Card?

The last treasure from Macau Antique store. Forgot what this is, but we remember the shop owner told us it's a record card. You may notice that there are the name of the shops in Chinese pinyin while the address is Portuguese. They are the shops in Macau. 


Dawn from Califonrnia

I think many of you got this kind of metal plate. I got this when I was at my teenage, traveling to California. My memory of California is big, sunshine, relaxing and Hollywood!!


Old Firework Ad

This is another treasure we got from an antique store in Macau. It's so hard to find this color combination in nowadays print ad. It is a firework print ad in Macau. 


Vintage card

Bought this card from a grocery store in Macau, the store has many different kind of vintage stuffs, We will share it one by one.


barack obama

Grab this in US when i was travelling, kind of funny and entertaining.


The beauty of Qingdao, China

Qingdao, is a major city in eastern Shandong province, China. Most of the old buildings and houses are european style. The street had retained some of its old elegance, very beautiful. 


Galoop Stylist Shop from Taiwan

The vintage cute tag from the Galoop shop in Taiwan. It is one of our favourite shops there. It is simple yet stylist, elegant but cute.

I got a lot of very nice tee from there. Visit it when you go Taiwan!


Galoop Birdie from Taiwan Again

Apart from tee, i also got a lot of postcards from the shop. You will find a lot of nice choices as your souvenirs for yourself and friends.


Mr.Scruff the DJ in England

Mr.Scruff - a super cute character. You could never imagine Mr.Scruff is a DJ and music producer in England.

Though I never heard his music, I love his this card so much and his website. Do check it out. You can see more of the cute Mr.Scruff there.


Julbock of Japan

Took this from a cafe in Osaka years ago. It has some Scandinavian feel on the set.


The Lovely Flower on the Stone Ground

I forgot where this postcard came from, may be it's Italy. But I'm facsinated by the two purple flower on a simple stone ground. They just stand out!


Happy 2011!!

Wish everyone has a fabulous year of 2011!

and, together have a good start. 
(shot by 1st Jan, 2011, morning)