Lomo Phototgraphy by Diana mini-2

Again, taken by diana mini, the photos were actually two images in one photo, unfortunately the staff in the photo developing shop has separated them one by one, luckily they still look very nice.


Lomo Photography by Diana mini.

These photos were taken by Diana Mini, I really love the lomo feeling - Don't think, Just Shot.
And sometime, blurry photos really can give you a moody feeling.


Vintage Propaganda in China

I bought this in the vinatge market in Beijing few years ago. It just cost about 20RMB. It is one of the pages in a colorful vintage propaganda booklet. The whole booklet is very colorful. You simply can't easily find the same kind of drawing nowadays. And this page about the bridge is my favourite inside.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
 We will have a short break for Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful holiday too.


Muji Promotional Postcard

MUJI - one of our favourite brands.
 Home, gardening, clothing, stationary, cosmetic, all perfect for self use and gifts.


Scottish ''Lego''Man

From Scottish Arts Council / The City of Edinburgh Council, promoting a short film showcase called Small Wonders. What's the relationship with lego and film?


Berlin Street Painting

From a friend who travelled to Berlin. Drawn by Michael Sowa. Perfect color combination.


Pablo Picasso - Child with a Dove

From my friend again in London. Bought in National Gallery. Though I always dun understand how to appreciate Picasso, I love the harmonic color of this painting.


London HIVE pail

Look clearly! they are vessels made by wool and leather handles. Woo..Nice and interesting. From Hive in London.


Orla Kiely Postcard

Orla Kiely's leaves, their signature pattern attracts my eyes by its simplicity.


What memories do you have of Manchester

A feedback card from a museum in Manchester, U.K. I forgot which museum though. I just love the pink and plain!


Pink Floral Pattern Card

Just simply a blank greeting card from American Greetings Co. Lovely color combination. Sweet!!


DAS. the Vintage Bag with New Chinese Packaging

We have grab a dim sum box for our new packaging for the Chinese Vintage bag we made earlier. 
Dim Sum is the most famous Cuisine in Chinese GuangDong, including Hong Kong. Every weekend, family get together and go to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum and chit chat. 


The Chasing Black Cat

A black cat chasing its tail. The black words ''you'll be missed.'' are added nicely by my artistic colleagues.


Agnes b promotional card

Taken from Agnes B store, real addicted to their postcard, simple and elegant. The beauty of it is that everyone can get from the store. haha



GuangDong Old Village Snap - ONE

Some are the portrait I took from a Guangdong Old village named ''Thousand Year Old Hut''. Not a famous tourist spot but it is truly a nice place for photographs.

Club Type Pokka Dots

It's dots dots dots again. From Club Type in London. But I think dots don't match nicely with clubbing. May be dots are cute while clubbing is wild. Haha


The Pastel Dartboard

Forgot where to get this. But I just love the simplicity and the pastel color of this big dot! Like a dartboard.


New Year Gift for Your Girl - 2011 Handmade Calender and Tote Set for etsy

We have especially made a gift set for people who need to buy something unique for their loved ones. Well here we do it for girls mainly.

We combine our handmade photo calendar set with our 'the das and the dots' tote bag series as a gift set for x'mas or new year. If you are interested, come grab one at our etsy shop

Hope you like it!


Saatchi Gallery Pokka Dots

I always love pokka dots. They are vigorous, cute, girlish and wonderful. I teared this off from the booklet inside Saatchi Gallery in London and put on my postcard wall.


The Brown Rhythm

To me, this is a very western style design and it's like some rhythm. It is done by murakami, the artist who has an art exhibition in HK 2 years ago.