About Hong Kong - One


We, das., from Hong Kong, would like to tell you more about the characteristics here. Hope you will love our place too.

The white towel hanging on the gate is the classic white towel with a HK style greetings -''Hope everything is fine'' (祝君安好) You may still find it in some old store or wet market here. It is widely used among workers 30-40 years ago.

The 2nd photo is taken from the ground floor of a HK traditional public housing estate. The square architecture is famous in the old days with neighbours shouting to each other from different floors and flats.

And you figure out the old mailbox of the left side in 3rd photo. It is popular in rural villages. 
Vitasoy advertisement on the sunshade. Vitasoy is one of the popular drinks in HK made with soya beans.